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Don't Camp in the Rain Without These Five Essentials

Camping is great, but if your holiday gets affected by rain, you need the right supplies. Luckily, there are lots of army disposals that can protect your camping trip from becoming a soggy mess. Here are some of the essentials you may want to pack if rain is in the forecast.

1. Rain Poncho

First and foremost, if it's raining, you need to keep yourself dry. If your clothes become wet, that can be extremely cold, especially if the temperature drops. Additionally, wet clothes are heavy, and that can make it hard to get to your campsite.

An army poncho can help. These large waterproof ponchos are designed for use in the field, so they tend to be a lot more durable than a plastic emergency rain poncho. Due to their large size, they can even work as a temporary shelter, or you can use them to shelter items that you don't put inside the tent.

2. Tarp

Tarps are easy to pop in your luggage, and they have numerous uses in the rain. If you find a surprise hole in the top of your tent, put the tarp on top. If you have to set up your tent near a puddle, use the tarp to line the bottom. Tarps can also work as emergency rain shelters.

3. Waterproof Matches

If you've got a covered area and you can safely start a campfire there, you don't want to pull soggy matches or a waterlogged lighter out of your bag. To avoid that scenario, consider using waterproof matches. Alternatively, look for a small waterproof container on a lanyard. You can carry that around your neck and use it to store flint, a lighter or other fire starting materials.

4. Powdered Food Rations

In some cases, it can be impossible to start a fire, and if you only have food that needs to be heated over a flame, you will get hungry. To keep your energy levels up, you may want to bring along some powdered food rations. You can mix these rations with water and have a meal ready to eat as soon as you need it. Available at some army disposals shops, these rations tend to be lighter weight and easier to carry than granola bars.

5. Small Shovel

You can also get trench shovels at many army surplus stores. These small shovels feature a foldable handle so you can easily fit them in your backpack. If water is pooling near your tent, you can just dig a trench around it to encourage the water to flow away.